Grandview is so much more than just a pharmacy.

We are a local gathering place, a coffee shop,

a home decor boutique. 


Whether it's discussing local news over morning decaf or gift wrapping the perfect hand-painted journal for your niece, our view of wellness is grand.  We believe complete wellness is not just taking a pill; it's taking care of every aspect of your life -- family, faith, events, and celebrations. 


For over a decade, Grandview Pharmacy has served the community of Elk City and will continue to put your health at the heart of what we do.  But we are not simply one store in one town.  We are part of a group of nine pharmacies in eight different towns.  Each independently owned and community-focused, our partner stores are located throughout Western Oklahoma and work together to get you what you need, wherever you are.   

1220 W. 3rd St.

Elk City, OK 73644

P: 580.225.5550

F: 580.225.6658


Colby Brewster

Co-Owner / Managing Pharmacist